The Customer Journey has changed.

As digital traffic continues to cultivate showroom traffic, dealerships are pining for every additional lead and investing heavily in complex online marketing to get even a slight uptick in their conversion rates or visit-to-lead ratios. Meanwhile, too many existing leads are falling through the cracks, which equates to a lot of wasted ad spend that can be avoided with proper Lead Management tools in place.

With RAPID RTC Lead manager and Chat, we equip your business with the tools to provide premium, relevant, and personalised experiences to every digital customer inquiry while generating more quality leads in the process.

Every Lead Addressed.
Every Experience Maximised.

Our clients see positive, measurable results to both their lead numbers and conversion rates within the first month.
Over 12 million leads processed
30 Minutes average response time
Every lead addressed

Don’t make your prospects wait. Allow us to facilitate your online conversations.

We pre-qualify and connect prospects from your virtual showroom to your physical one.
Prospects who chat are 3 times more likely to purchase
We increase your leads up to 100%
Our concierge team averages an industry-leading 7 seconds to answer

RAPID RTC Lead Manager optimizes the action phase of the customer journey and treats every lead like a person – because it is!

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RAPID RTC Chat optimizes the chat experience, ensuring customers immediately receive helpful answers to all their questions. It turns every chat into a conversation.

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How it works.

Lead Manager collects and consolidates your digital leads from hundreds of online sources and instantly sends an alert to your sales staff’s mobiles. Once accepted, the sales individual is eligible for immediate engagement within a certain period of time before opening the lead back up to the larger sales pool, always ensuring a timely response.

Use the slider below to see the journey

Leads Aggregated

Leads Sent to Sales Staff

Lead Accepted

Premium, Personalised Response

Lead Manager funnels leads from over 300 online sources.
Your sales staff can accept leads on any browser-supporting device.
Your most relevant salesperson will accept the lead exclusively.
Every customer receives a relevant response to their questions.
With such a seamless experience, more customers will show up at your door.

Customer Initiates Chat

Conversation Picked Up by Concierge

Salesperson Notified

Customer Handed Over to Salesperson

Concierge Oversees Conversations
A customer visiting your website and initiates a conversation in the Chat window.
An experienced, educated concierge will answer and find the salesperson best-suited to respond.
The relevant salesperson is notified to pick up the Chat conversation.
Concierge connects the customer with the salesperson, ensuring the customer has constant attention.
With such great service, more customers will show up at your door.

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